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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The old- fashioned way

Lately, I have been thinking that the old fashioned way of doing things is indeed the better way.Let me explain. Boiling soup the slow way by using "charcoal" tastes so much better. This is confirmed by my niece whose dad, my brother, used to prepare soup in this manner, for the family dinner. The modern way uses gas or pressure cooker which doesn't do justice to the soup.

Getting to know one's spouse through matchmaking is the old way also. And we know how few divorces happen those days. I know, some of you will say that the married couples of long ago are more commited to the marriage or it could be that the non-working ( in the sense not working outside the home) wives had no financial independence and so were forced to stay put in the marriage, having no refuge to go to. Right? The new way of getting to know one's spouse t in these modern times include the cyber way BUT who can guarantee they are who they say they are. I should say there are prevalent cases of fake identities , or so I hear. Then recently the daily newspaper screams the headlines of how this married lady got to know her man friend through a chat service via handphones? I am not too sure of the details but what happened in the end was that she and her child were lured away from her husband by this sweet-talking guy . Her child also ended up dead in the hands of this stranger!

Then there is this petrol station where I go to fill my petrol. Now technology is such that it is self-service all the way . There used to be exchange of pleasantries between customer and cashier but now there is none!

Which way do u prefer?


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