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Thursday, September 11, 2008

passing mark

My son said that if his classmate had received 2 extra marks , he would

have passed his Bahasa paper. I was wondering aloud why the teacher didn't pass the boy.

Son answered," Well, he didn't try to please the teacher at all , all this while."

What do you think of this? Ever had this experience where you are short of one mark to get a better grade?


  • i was a dud in biology. i once had to grovel at my bio teacher to get 2 extra marks to pass.

    now you know why i must remain the anonymous doc.

    By Blogger doc, at 8:52 AM  

  • Not that "lucky" to meet teachers who would give free mark! Probably, it was because I need more than 2 extra marks to pass in all subjects!

    But heard daughter who is now going through her second trial exam, "Chemistry teacher said if I could get 67 this time, he will give me a forecast result as A1."

    By Blogger Yan, at 4:32 PM  

  • doc, are you serious? The "hard-to-get-extra " 2 marks served to motivate you then?

    yan, yes, this is what we normally do for forecast results. We give a better grade!

    By Blogger just me, at 10:29 PM  

  • Had that problem in a final test, in the final term, in my final year in sec school. Teacher did not give me that one mark to pass my history exam. If not I would have good some good performance award. And uptil this day I still remember it.
    But what matters is that I passed it for my 'O' levels :)

    By Blogger stay-at-home mum, at 4:05 PM  

  • nope, even after that episode, i continue to struggle with biology.

    By Blogger doc, at 1:51 AM  

  • there is four test in a year. 1st monthly test, mid-term exam 2nd monthly test and final exam. i actually failed Bio throughout the year but the teacher gave me 1 MARKAH KESIAN in order to let me pass for once. and i dropped BIO the following year. LOL

    By Anonymous BossCat, at 10:18 AM  

  • Assessment and evaluation are two topics dear to my heart.

    A good teacher must read and reread the test paper to look for that exclamation mark or that little word which would indicate that the TESTEE is a thinking person....and I would give 5 marks for them..... 49 may not be right to fail someone.

    And again a child receiving a low mark should let that be a spring board to further improvement. All marks should be considered as where the child has arrived...and he should be motivated to move forward..perhaps at a faster speed or perhaps at a slower speed.

    This is the whole meaning of Education....a journey ...

    Education is not to fail a child.

    Education is to nurther the next generation.

    If our society is full of people with good marks and no apparently educated features then our education system is faulty. Teachers should also be ethical and learned and WISE.

    Just my two cents worth of thoughts.

    By Blogger sarawakiana, at 6:51 AM  

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