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Friday, October 13, 2006

Our roles in life

I read the book by Steven Covey entitiled " The 7 habits of highly effective people" , the part that impresses me most of course if about our roles in life. All of us have different roles. One is an employee, or boss, or daugher/son, father/mum, sister/brother, husband/wife. Now I try to be balanced in all my roles if I can. I have seen cases of colleagues who are excellent and dedicated mums but as employees, they fail miserably. There are also those who are great workers but hopeless when it comes to giving support to their siblings, be it emotional or financial or otherwise.
I would want to live a life where people can say to me at the end of the day, ( hopefully not during my funeral) that I have been supportive of them in my different roles.
I forgot to mention the" being a friend "part, but I think many of us don't have problems in this are. We seem to have excuses for not doing more for our family memers. Do you agree?


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