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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Nowadays, the chief invigilator gets a teacher , her "pengiring" to meet her at the "strong room" ( bilik kebal) when she collects the exam papers. Then the "pengiring" will sit in the chief"s car as she drives to the exam centre. Some subjects have questions in dual language, BM and English. So the question booklets are really thick. The chief will get 2 "pengiring" to help her for the days when these subjects are on.
Some schools let the candidates sit for the exam in the school hall. Some schools open up classrooms where each room houses 25 candidates. The problem arises when the classrooms are on a different floor. So, it is difficult to contact the chief if a candidate needs to ease himself . There will be an extra invigilator who is assistant to the chief for the week, doing work like marking attendance, etc.
So, I will be the "pengiring" ( escort, nice name huh?) for this week. I used to sleep with 2 alarm clocks on , just to be on the safe side. Nowadays, I rely on my handphone to wake me up!


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