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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

locked out

I was told this incident by my friend who related how her maid , when asked

to lock the house main gate using a long chain, did so but...guess where she ended up

standing when the gate was locked. The maid was standing outside on the road ,outside

the house gate. One can guess what actually happened.

Upon reflection, I have to remind myself to be careful when I am engaging in

spiritual warfare prayer , either for myself or others.

1) Make sure that I am living right before I engage in spiritual warfare. Have

you heard of the demon who asked the one binding..." who are you" instead of

the other way around. One must have the spiritual authority to engage in spiritual


2) Remembering Luke 11 v 24 to 26, whereby if one does not take the necessary

action, the spirit driven out will come back, bringing with it 7 other spirits.

But..praise be to God for the authority He has given us , in the name of Jesus.


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