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Thursday, November 16, 2006

success in life

So it is confirmed, daughter obtained 5 A's for her UPSR examination. She is reaping what she has been sowing all this while. I know she has been working very hard and deserve to get this result.
It did worry me a little as to how daughter will react if she didn't do so well. I realise that I have to slowly teach her that sometimes real life "stinks". And that one may not get what one deserves even though he works hard for it.
I would want my daughter to know that as long as she has tried her best , nothing else matters. She must not be too hard on herself if things don't work out . I would want her to be have the resilience to bounce back and start all over again if she fails the first time. I would want her to learn that good academic results is only one of the factors that guarantees success in life.
What do you say?


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