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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

son's inspirations

Son just penned these:

The Sorrow of Life

Oh the sorrow of life,
Oh woe is me, I'm a fool,
I do not belong in this world,
The world is over run by anger, fear,
And the sorrow of life here

A Dark Heart

Anger and fear, in the hearts of people,
These evil emotions in the world,
A heart is evil and darkness overruns,
The evil of a person's heart


Life is a joyous thing,
The happiness of one to another,
the love and compassion people show,
Ah! Life is wonderful

A Person's heart

A person's heart is a wonderful thing,
With such love,
A person's heart is wonderful,
Ah! A person's heart


In this world where we live,
There are times where we feel regret, sadness,
But we must stay strong,
The determination of one's soul,
It is a joyous thing.


Wishes are an incredible thing,
You can wish for anything,
And once that wish has come true,
Others will do just like you

How do you like them?


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