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Saturday, October 20, 2007


His mum is in the ICU, latest status is that she will feel good one day and at death's door the next day. So her still alive and healthy kids are feeling the strain of looking after her , constant visits to the hospital, blah blah blah. They are saying, if their mum doesn't die soon, they might be the ones to die...sigh

Two of her kids have even made a death request through a temple for prayers hastening their mum's departure from earth.

What do you think of that?


  • It is diificult to comment unless u are in the kids shoes. do they really think she is such a burden? And why? Do they not treasure all that she has done for them? Or was she a mom that was "missing-in-action"? How was their relationship? All this will contribute to how long they will like her to live. Looking from the outside most of us will think they are unfilial children. But there are really 2 sides to the coin.

    By Blogger stay-at-home mum, at 6:19 PM  

  • Depends on the motive. If the motive is for the old lady to go mercifully and not suffer further (vegetative state, pain, etc), that's one thing. If the motive is to rid themselves of a burden (some use the word liability), that's quite another.

    By Blogger fishtail, at 1:47 AM  

  • Then why is she at the ICU in the first place?

    There must be a conflict within themselves to help life and death.

    Sigh..I wud really like for myself to kick the bucket real fast!

    By Anonymous mott, at 6:57 AM  

  • Speechless.

    By Anonymous Judy, at 10:47 AM  

  • If she is suffering then it might be for the best. Much as we want our loved ones to be with us forever sometimes we have to let go.

    By Anonymous Firehorse, at 4:11 PM  

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