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Friday, July 17, 2009

clock and cisterns

I bought a cheap ( RM 10 to RM15) clock and when it didn't work, the battery was

changed. That didn't solve the problem and when I asked the seller , she said

" did you use a powerful battery for the clock"? Explaining further, she said the

alarm could only work if a cheap battery was used.

That was proven true.

Reflection: Realising how my spirit ( clock) could not receive/respond to the

Holy Spirit's( powerful battery) promptings sometimes....because

a) maybe mind and spirit have been clogged with worldly cares?

b) focussed on wordly pleasures...because "have dug own cisterns...

that cannot hold water."( jeremiah 2 v13 )


  • apparently those alkaline batteries are also not suitable for low-battery consuming devices like remote controls.

    By Blogger doc, at 9:33 PM  

  • doc, thanks for the tip!

    By Blogger just me, at 1:06 AM  

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