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Saturday, July 11, 2009

end from the beginning

She grumbled and complained while preparing her speech. She asked why she was

picked to be one of the 7 from her class and speech was in Bahasa. It would

have been so much easier if it had been in English.

After it was over, she said that the external assesor commented that she would

be awarded an "A" if it were a written assessment.( This made her think that

as this was an oral exam, maybe she didn't get an "A"?)

When the external assessor asked for an extra candidate( poor girl, she was not

asked to prepare earlier) Realizing how she could have been that "last unprepared

candidate" , she was thankful to God to be among the few chosen "scapegoats"

Realizing how sometimes I also may fall into the trap of blaming God...and asking

why.....but God sees the end from the beginning? Praise God.

P/S external assessor awarded her an "A"

( ps 142 v 7 " Set me free from my prison ( negative thoughts, doubts) that I

may praise your name")


  • in a way, there's an advantage to being last & unprepared - no one expects miracles & yet, it's an opportunity to surprise & excel.

    either way, it's like a win-win situation.

    By Blogger doc, at 9:17 PM  

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