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Saturday, July 04, 2009

this and that

1) stll waiting for the cake recipe from the lady I met at the supermarket.

2) the overseas blogger will be back in Malaysia with his family so the timing

was not right for my friends to meet him

3) the message I shared at school CF was about we need to

co-operate with God even as we trust in Him. Remember how the 10 lepers were

healed? Luke 17v 14 "... And as they went, they were healed." Jesus asked

them to show themselves to the priest.

4) Thankful that daughter was also ministered during the message and already put

it into practice the next day.

Isn't it wonderful that as we minister to others, we can trust the Holy Spirit

to minister to our loved ones?

5) On 2 separate occasions, I sent a Bible verse , one by sms and another

written out for an unwell friend. The feedback came back that the 2 verses

were very apt for the 2 different occasions.Praise God!

( Heb 3 v 13 " Encourage one another daily)

6) Deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcet served to remind me

Ps 146 v 4 "When their spirits depart, ... on that very day their plans came

to nothing."

So I shall resolve to redeem my time , what about you?


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