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Thursday, November 16, 2006

daughter's sweet memory

Since the SPM exam started, I have been only at home in the evenings as I am now the escort and assistant for the days I am on duty. Today was the exception as I only had the morning paper to invigilate. Rushed home to hang out my laundry, feeling thankful that I could catch the sun to dry my clothes compared to the previous few days.
I also managed to make a dash tothe bank before fetching my kids home. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my daughter's headmistress while I was hanging out my second load of laundry .She wants me to fetch my daughter to school as fast as I can because a reporter is around and wants to interview my daughter, supposedly to have made it to the 25 top scorers nationwide for UPSR.
The headmistress says to hope for the best that the reporter's information is accurate. But to me, it doesn't matter as my daughter has now experienced firsthand an interview with a reporter and that will be one of her sweet primary school memories.


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