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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Travelling home was hassle free on the road this year. Started off on early wednesday morning at 230am and reached at 530am. Hubby went around searching for breakfast , unsuccessfully. Could only fill our stomachs an hour later.

Delivered a cake to my sister who requested me to make one for her.

This year, I decided to contribute to the 2nd day meal when all the daughters gather at my brother's place. His wife is a great chef, and we always enjoy her yummy feast. She prepared nasi dagang for us. I prepared spagetti . Which would you have chosen to eat?

On the journey home, hubby asked daughter how the ang pow collection was this year. She said there was a reduction. The size of the ang pow reflects on the economy of the giver as well....right?

Back to home chores now, washing machine is washing its 3rd load even as I type this.
If I have missed anyone out, here's wishing " Kong Hee Fatt Choy" to everyone!


  • Oh, I miss nasi dagang! My college librarian from Kelantan used to make and sell it to us. That's the first time I came across nasi dagang. I tried to make it here once but the rice here is different and also, I don't have all the ingredients.

    By Anonymous wonda, at 2:07 AM  

  • Kong Hee fatt Choy to you and your family too!

    BTW - what's nasi dagang?

    By Blogger stay-at-home mum, at 5:57 PM  

  • What is nasi dagang? Whatever it is, I will go for that. I will try anything once. :)

    By Anonymous Judy, at 1:22 PM  

  • Shame on me too! I also do not know what is nasi dagang! Time to learn to be more Malaysian!

    By Blogger Yan, at 3:48 PM  

  • Nasi Dagang (or Nasi Dagae in Kelantanese), literally translated to mean "Trader's Rice" is a special type of reddish brown rice mix cooked with coconut milk. It is served with ikan tongkol (fish curry) most frequently, together with half an hard boiled egg and some chilli paste. But as my friend wanted to give me the full deal, she gave me a bit of everything available such as the daging kerutuk (juicy, tender beef pieces), prawns and gulai ayae (chicken curry).

    This is a must try when one visits Kelantan

    By Blogger just me, at 11:31 PM  

  • Gong Xi fa Cai to you and your family too = ) May the year of the rat brings u good health, prosperity and many great opportunities! Hugs from your friends in belgium. Mush, Brecht & Nora

    By Blogger mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora, at 3:57 AM  

  • wonda, yeah , the secret is in the ingredients

    SAHM, judy, a clearer pic of nasi dagang now?

    friends from belgium, thanks!

    By Blogger just me, at 4:58 AM  

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