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Thursday, July 30, 2009

God of the 'suddenly'

This pastor of a small church spoke of how we are to recognise God at work in the

ordinariness of our daily life. In a small town, day in and day out, nothing

exciting happens. One day, a grandmother of 80 years old, came to his church for

prayer. She complained of intense pain. ( leg area, I think). She thought" I have

nothing to lose. ( Hokkien.."tan si niah'....waiting for death to arrive , at this

age) But she was healed! She didnt return to church, being a non-believer.

But her grandson who is a christian and working in KL had an accident and given 10

days' leave. He went home and day in and day out, encouraged his grandmother to

attend church. Finally, she relented... went to church and testified and wanted to

be baptised. Idols were removed from her house and it is now the talk of the town.

People are telling one another..." wah tiah tuk.." I heard that..)

My reflection: Our God is a God of the 'suddenly' we stay faithful to Him

daily, He will surely work through us and in us for the glory of His name.

Ps 113 v 3


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