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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

invigilation update

Remember I was hoping that nothing untoward would happen during my invigilation stint this time. Now, my centre consists of 3 classrooms on the top floor ( 4th floor) and 4 classrooms on the third floor. The first classroom on the 4th floor also serves as the administrative room for the chief invigilator and her assistant. A cupboard is also placed in this room where all the paraphernalia of exam is kept, eg. the answer booklets ( yes, now each candidate is given an answer booklet ) wrapping paper among others. On the second day, the cupboard lock gave way and a handyman had to step in to repair the lock.
On the third day, the roofs of the 3 classrooms on the top floor leak so we had to shift to the hall downstairs. A not -so-good hailer (because it will give off a loud irritating sound when used) was also given so that announcements could be heard by all the candidates in the hall.
Then on the day I was off-duty as a "pengiring" I was called to go to the "bilik kebal". And now, today, the chief invigilator or "ketua pengawas" fell sick in the afternoon. She felt nauseous ( she had low blood pressure) and I suspect it was because she had not been getting enough rest. The stress of being a "ketua" also got to her. So, guess who will be doing her job tomorrow?
Have you ever had this experience where you had to take over a job at the last minute ?



  • Being the understudy and then having the star break a leg? Hehe. I have been appointed a last minute emcee before. But OK la, not that daunted by it.

    By Blogger William, at 6:47 PM  

  • William,what gathering were you an emcee? You must have nerves of steel!

    By Blogger just me, at 2:06 AM  

  • It was for a christmas party. But I'm not that good. I speak too quick at times. Tripping over my own tongue. I don't really have stage fright.

    By Blogger William, at 9:09 PM  

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