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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

trophy or certificate?

I notice that primary schools reward students who do well academically, say the first 3 postions in the form or the highest marks in each subject , by giving them a trophy with the achievement inscribed on it . And that is all.
In my opinion, a certificate will more than suffice. This is because a certificate can be filed and kept easily. A trophy, well, one cannot bring it along for an interview now, can you?
Secondary school students are rewarded with a certificate for the same achievement. This makes me wonder whether primary school achievement is looked upon as worthless or what.But I remember receiving many certificates during my primary school days, for academic as well as "spirit of service" they call it. That means serving as a monitor or prefect in a convent school.
Anyway, my hope that my daughter will receive a certificate is raised when the state education department called up just now asking to speak to her. Maybe a prize-giving ceremony for all the top achievers is in order?


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