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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


At the market yesterday morning, I was wondering which stall to patronise. Stall A didn't have customers but stall B had quite a few. Why?

Is it because stall B has better service or is more generous with their portions? I don't know.

I took a look at the seller of stall A . These thoughts came to my mind. He looked fatherly enough to be a dad and surely he is dependent on the day's earnings to feed his kids?

Which stall do you think I patronised and which one whould you choose?


  • Three criterias:

    FOOD: Must taste bloody GOOD
    HYGIENE: Flies and foul stenches NO NO
    CHARACTER: No snobbish shopkeepers for me

    By Blogger Jonzz, at 6:42 PM  

  • I'd probably go for A - Because it's quieter, that's all. It would not have crossed my mind to eat there to lend him support.

    I guess you went for A - to find out why he doesn't have customers..?

    By Anonymous mango, at 1:43 AM  

  • I would have gone to A lor..less ppl , dun have to wait so long..time is money no?..

    By Blogger eve, at 3:45 AM  

  • jonzz, no flies might mean the seller uses a chemical?

    mango, I went to A. I attracted some other customers as well!

    eve, so, do I have to wait long at your clinic?

    By Blogger just me, at 12:22 AM  

  • B. this is typical singaporean mentality. got queue means good food; and we don't mind waiting behind a queue for such things. As a nation, we are just good for one thing - queuing.

    By Blogger Las montaƱas, at 7:53 AM  

  • I'd try A today and B tomorrow.

    By Blogger Bernard, at 8:54 PM  

  • Then judge for myself. Same for PC shops in the complex.. i go to the top floor shops first.. 'cos they give you the best bargains generally. But I check the prices at other shops too.

    By Blogger Bernard, at 8:56 PM  

  • LM, good for queing and for obeying the authorities

    Bernard, a practical way!

    By Blogger just me, at 4:27 AM  

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