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Saturday, October 06, 2007

a quick prayer

It was raining and the road was slippery. I saw a motorcyclist 2 vehicles ahead of me. I said a quick prayer for him that he will reach his destination safely.

Imagine my shock when the motorcyclist fell down as he made a left turn. He could have tried to avoid the van which ate into his road. I saw 2 guys alighting from the van to help the motorcylist up. I felt so relieved that he was not seriously injured.

Doesn't matter whether my quick prayer helped or not... point is I responded to my spirit's quickening to say it , right?


  • Correct. Agree!

    If he had not had the accident, he may not be careful later in his journey and something serious could happen.

    Your prayer saved his life.

    By Anonymous Judy, at 12:38 PM  

  • I always feel bad for motorcyclists who ride in the rain, and yes, I do pray that they would reach their destination safely.

    By Blogger fibrate, at 7:23 AM  

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