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Sunday, May 31, 2009

use me

Pentecostal Sunday yesterday.

My prayer:

" More of you, Lord

FLow in me, Holy Spirit

Flow through me

To bless others"

So that as psalms 67 v 7 says "God will BLESS us , and all the ends of the

earth will FEAR Him"

So looking back on yesterday, have I been a blessing?

1) gave ( "dumped"?) some stuff to someone

2) gave a lift home to someone I ran into after church...and she wanted a lift to
a nearby shop to buy some stuff first.

3) fried "cucuk udang" for my 2 sisters-in-law. ( consciously wanting to bless them)

4) received an SOS call from one lady who stays near church , wanted help to fix

her gas tank. Daughter asked me why she called me.....God must have "told" her

of my "availability"?

Shall I challenge you to say you want to be a blessing today and blog on how God

works through you?


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