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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


1) went to the market, this morning, intending to buy some "chai kueh" or "pau" with turnip fillings to bless 2 ladies.However, the stalls were closed.

I took my daughter to visit one of these ladies end of last year. Daughter was so taken in by her that she wrote her first essay for the year on her as the assigned essay title was " A person I admire".Lady in question is a lady who has to be assisted by her 2 maids for her basic function, lying in bed but still mentally alert and an encourager in every way. She uses the phone to pray for people or minister to them. I remember giving her a verse isaish61 v 3 to describe her, "...called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour"

2) wanted to pass some novels to my son's classmate's mum but didnt see her at school.

3)managed to pass the previous day's newspapers though.

4)wrote an encouraging email and prayer to someone. Did that 2 days ago also, I think. But I received a quick reply of thanks from the latter.

5) a phone call just came in asking me ( as old treasurer of apartment management committee, signatories haven't been changed yet) to sign some cheques

6) will visit pasar malam after this, probably to enjoy my favourite laksa.

7) a trip to giant to get some sundries.

8) and lastly, church prayer meet tonight.


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