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Sunday, September 20, 2009

traffic lights

I was told of this incident whereby the motorbike rider stopped at the

traffic lights and was knocked by a car driver from behind. The rider is in coma


A few days later, I heard of a car which stopped , also at the traffic lights

and was knocked from behind, by another car.

This got me thinking. It is dangerous to be in a state of inertia in my spiritual

life. I am responsible to keep my faith growing by doing the necessary. Quiet time

being the most important.

I must not allow myself to be in a state of inertia , only dwelling on past

victories and have no "fresh' testimonies.

A day later, something else happened. I was sitting in my parked car while

waiting for my daughter to finish her class. My car was at a proper parking bay.

A driver driving in the opposite direction ( wrong it is a one-way street)

surged forward and frantically tried to park his car into a parking lot. The

tail end of his car came very near to the side of my car and I tooted at him.

He chose to ignore it( later he said he heard the horn but couldnt see clearly

as it was raining) The result was a little dent at the side of my car.

Anyway, to continue along the vein of what I was sharing, this incident made me

wonder as to whether sometimes warfare prayers have no effect. I could be waging

against the enemy but it might have no effect. The enemy did not recognise my

voice because it has no authority for the simple reason that I might not have been

leading a holy life and upright life? This reminds me of the demon who asks

"Who are you" in one incident in the Bible.

Also being reminded that "partial sin " in one's life does not result in
'partial glory or anointing". Instead, it results in "NO glory or anointing"

Prayer: Father God, help me in my walk with You and to recognise You at work

in my life and to strengthen my inner man to always obey You.


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