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Thursday, October 01, 2009

imitator and counterfeit

Most schools have an official attire , of the same colour and design, for their staff to wear at school functions. My school is no exception.

A suitable batik material was chosen and bulk orders made. Imagine the disappointment and unpleasant surprise when the materials were

delivered but the tone of the colour of the material and even the design were unsatifactory. It was indeed a poor "imitation "of the original.

It was revealed later that the original workers could not handle the bulk orders and so a different group of workers was responsible for the poor quality job.

We are living in the last days and our enemy is working hard to "imitate" or "counterfeit" God's works and miracles. But I am reminded of my response in

Ehesians 5 v 1 " Be imitators of God." and v 8 ".. to live as children of light."

I used to think that to protect myself against the deceived works of the enemy, I need to be informed of all the "deceptive" characteristics of the

enemy. I thought that I should focus on him and his ways so as to protect myself against him. Then I read of how the US treasury officials trained their

workers to detect counterfeit notes. They were only given genuine notes to handle , day in and day out. Their hands got so used to touching and

feeling the genuine that when a counterfeit note was deliberately placed in between the genuine, they spotted the false note straight away.

So, am reminding myself here ..pS 63 V 1 " O God, You are my God,earnestly I seek You; my soul thirsts for you.." seeking God day in and day out

should help me to recognise the false christ when he appears before me, right?


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