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Thursday, October 22, 2009


ook a quick look around the coffee shop and decided on ordering fried koay teow as take-away. After placing my order,

a loud sound was heard, accompanied by the screeching of car brakes. Obviously an accident has occurred. The koay teow seller, instead of

attending to my order, rushed out and I was left waiting , for more than 10 minutes. I wondered why he was so interested in the accident , to the

extent of ignoring my order.

On his return, I overheard him on his cell phone, informing someone to bring the tow truck over. I knew then that he has gone to do.

check out the accident and there must be something lucrative for him to be an informer ( better that than to attend to my meagre 2 packets

koay toew order)

So, imagine this man , who sells koay toew , but has his ear tuned to the other lucrative business. I make many choices and decisions daily.

I have to consciously choose to listen to the voice of the flesh or the voice of the Spirit. Knowing very well that it is more to my spiritual benefit

and from an eternal perspective to make the better choice, am I ever so ready to submit to the Holy Spirit and act immediately when I hear

His prompting. Or do I dilly dally and lose the opportunity to be God's hands and legs when the opportunity presents itself to bless someone?

Thomas the disciple, is known as doubting Thomas. But I have just learnt that his name means "twin " in Hebrew. All of us has a Thomas in us.

We can choose to listen to our the voice of our evil twin, ( flesh) or the voice of our good twin. ( spirit) May we choose wisely.

Deut 11 v 26- 28


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