simple me

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

having kids

My daughter's subject teacher advised the students not to just focus on studies when they are in college but to look out for potential boyfriends. I advise the upper secondary students to do that but did not realise that this teacher dished out her advice to the lower secondary as well.

Anyway, when daughter informed me, I replied that was the reason I "quickly" married because I wanted to have kids. She retorted, " You married in the nick of time" .I couldn't help but secretly smiled at her interpretation.

I am thankful I am blessed with 2 kids despite my late start.


I baked a batch of mini muffins with a cross on it as decorations to be given away during this Easter season. For Mother's day, I will decorate with a heart. What about father's day? How shall I decorate it? I need a very simple decoration.

Someone suggested a pic of a newspaper( as fathers always bury their heads behind them)

Another suggestion is a dollar sign.

Would appreciate your suggestion. Thanks

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Greetings

Wishing everyone a meaningful Easter.

Touched by these songs. Hope they minister to you also this season.