simple me

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Relating what I read and using it to help another through a life circumstance she is experiencing now, giving a living hope to that person and knowing now why I received the same spiritual message this last week.

Can you wonder why I am feeling "high"now? To be used as a vessel to help another.....I think that is the greatest fulfillment in life.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Attended 2 wakes back to back last weekend. One was a 53 year old doctor who died of a heart attack. I am still recovering from the shock. He looked healthy to me.
The other was the mother of my former classmate. She died of lung cancer. The daughter said the mother was not in pain at all since she was diagnosed. It was only during the last few days when cancer spread to the brain that pain was felt.
What I missed during the wakes was the eulogy part which was not carried out as it was not a christian wake. I always love to hear about all the good things and life stories of the deceased.

busy April

Yan, thanks for the nudge and concern. Wow, it has been a month since my last post. April is indeed a very busy month at work for me.
Besides the setting of exam papers, ( one of which was only told to me quite late)
I was assigned as head of the prize-giving committee for speech day. Doing work independently where I don't have to depend on others' goodwill to help me is fine with me. But when I have to depend on the help of a certain someone who is not so helpful, ( it baffles me why people have to act this way?) is a real challenge.
At the recent meeting called by the head of school, it also baffles me as to why I was picked as the secretary to write down the minutes ( informed only after the meeting was over. Thank God I was paying careful attention during the meeting) Got that done on the same day thankfully.
God is good!