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Monday, February 26, 2007

marriage vs career

I had tea just now with an ex colleague who has migrated to down south. Her eldest daughter, the pride of her dad, is doing medicine, graduating next year. She intends to settle down then. But I heard that dad is very disappointed as he wants her to do her specialisation and not settle down so fast. With married life, dad fears that her dreams ( or is it his dreams) will fly out of the window. I think the daughter should be allowed to settle down, bearing in mind that it is not easy to find a soul mate these days.

What do you guys have to say?

Saturday, February 24, 2007


My son is the type who has difficulty in making new friends . In his last school, he has only one good friend or best friend. Initially, when I told him that I was looking into transferring him to a new school, he said that he would never leave his friend. My son is still "feeling his way" in his new school, dreading the longer school hours of " 1000 " periods , he says.But I think I made the right decision to transfer him. He fits in well here, although it will take time. So is it better to have one good friend or many superficial friends?

Daughter also changed school and the comment among some teachers was that she makes friends easily. One even said "just like her mum" . I will take that as a compliment.

reunion dinner

My brother invited me and family to a restaurant dinner on reunion day. The price charged was exorbitant for a small town, RM500! It was a set meal. My youngest brother didn't "balik kampung" with his family .
Why would a son want to miss the reunion dinner with his mum? ( my dad died a few years ago?) I was thinking that this would not have happened if my brother was chinese educated. Am I right? I think mum was sad but didn't show it. This brother has just come home from his overseas posting and who knows where he would be posted next.
I hope you all have had a good reunion dinner with your loved ones. This is the good part of the chinese tradition.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

chinese new year

Last post before I "balik kampung" for the Chinese new year. Not too sure yet which day to travel. Both days will have heavy traffic anyway.

Wishing all of you a prosperous "pig" year where you will enjoy good health , joy and meaning in your life.

Both my kids have changes in their school life this year. I hope it is for the better. I have transferred son to a school with a more friendly learning environment.

Have a good time with loved ones during this Chinese New year!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Visited the dentist today. I stepped into his clinic, first time, after it has been renovated. Found the dentist to be an experienced guy. Had my teeth X-ray taken ( first time in my life!) He was friendly and approachable.
I do not have a regular dentist and have visited 2 others so far. I might just stick with this one. Secondly, there was easy parking and I parked right in front of his clinic!
Have I given enough tips for anyone who wants to open his own clinic?
Happy valentine's day, everyone!

Friday, February 09, 2007


My son was with me when I visited my tailor. I told him that the tailor is a widow. He then said " She looked a bit sad, why doesn't she remarry?"
Does that mean that in his mind, marriage= "not sad"? And that it is easy for a widow to remarry? Is it any harder if she were a divorcee?
What do you guys think? Know anyone who has remarried?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

senior citizen

The nasi lemak stall I frequent always has a queue. It is located at the Taman Megah morning market, next to the vegetable stall on the left if you enter the market from the 7-11 entrance. On that particular morning, I noticed a senior citizen waiting for his turn. I alerted the seller and requested that she serve him first. I added that even the senior citizens get served first when they visit government counters. The seller replied that the senior citizen can wait for his turn as he is strong ( she came to this conclusion because he goes for a morning walk every morning) What do you think?