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Friday, May 16, 2008

teacher's day sms

My school is only celebrating Teacher's day on coming Friday, as the school exam is still going on.

However, I received this sms from a student who has left school. What made it doubly sweet is that I haven't taught her at all, except for being the teacher to accompany her and some students for an inter -school competition. Then, I showed some concern for her and chatted with her whenever I run into her at school.

It reads," You are not only my teacher,

you are my friend,

philosopher and guide,

all moulded into one person.

I will always be grateful to you

for your support."

It doesn't take much effort to touch someone's life, huh?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

salad recipe

My favourite salad ( to make ) for occasions is this. Prepared it for church lunch on mother's day and will do the same for father's day as well.

The igredients are frozen mixed peas, ( a packet of 500 g ) mini tomatoes, japanese cucumbers ( how much to add depends on you) and lastly, chicken ham. ( cubed and fried a little to make them crispy).

Then add mayonnaise . ( leave it to you again how much you wish to add)

Simple to make , right ? And everyone loves it.

Care to share with me your favourite salad recipe?

exam season

It is the exam season now. Son received his maths marks early.

Son: I passed even though I didn't revise. Some of those revised but they failed!

Daughter: I know I will get "A" even if I don't revise but I am aiming for 100.

What do you think of this difference between my 2 kids?

Monday, May 12, 2008

parents' day?

There was a suggestion to put aside a day as "parents' day" instead of one for mother's day and one for father's day.

The main reason was the work involved... the lunch after service was contributed/prepared by members of house groups. And guess who are the ones who did the preparation?

I vetoed the suggestion as I think that a separate day should be set aside for mothers and fathers. Both have their separate roles in the family. Therefore, a separate and relevant message for each should be preached on that day. Each should be separately honoured.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

ruckus and homework

Son: Why do they ( his classmates) have to create a ruckus?

Apparently, his class teachers assigned extra homework to the students to keep them


two faces

Son: Why are some people 2-faced?

Apparently, what happened was that some of his class students behaved so well when in

in the teacher's presence but reversed their behaviour when the teachers were not around.

Ever met any 2-faced people?

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Yesterday was the first time I used my handphone as a flashlight. Previously, there was no opportunity and need to do so.

Went to the MPH warehouse sale a second time. Or you could count it a third time as I tried looking for a parking place the day before and had to drive off when I didn't succeed. So the two times I succeeded was when I was dropped off.

Everyone was fully engrossed in browsing and choosing their books when the lights went off. It was a power failure . Many chose to walk out of the sale ( it was held at a hall, with closed doors as the air con was on)

So some die-hard book fans ( including me) still browsed around the boxes and shelves of books and we had easy access this time around .... an indirect blessing of the power failure. I managed to pick up a few more good bargains.

When was the first time you had to use a flashlight?

Friday, May 02, 2008

fast forward

I have sometimes wondered how my life would be like if I had not got married, and with kids.

Daughter bluntly told me that I would be back in my hometown and entrusted with the task of looking after my aged mother.

I used to think one important job of a husband is to attend to the mechanical aspects of his spouse's car. My friend used to tease me that I should just marry a mechanic.

Fast forward to the present. I alone am responsible to send my car in for servicing and repairs. ( God has a sense of humour )

Any similar thoughts to share?