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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

make or break

A weathered face, toothless grin

A flawless complexion, lifeless look,

Life's circumstances,

break or make you

Do you agree with my above thoughts?

reply to earlier posts

Answer to earlier posts:

She has 2 handphones because she likes to yak on the phone and as a transporter tp school kids, she needs to make herself available as parents may want to contact her.

I suggested that each employee keep his own toilet roll...2 a month ..but he says the senior people don't want to do that.


The end of 2007 is fast approaching. The thought made me jot this down:


Time passes by unnoticed,

You use it well
or waste it,

You'd better decide,

To be time's slave

or Master.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

roses and lions

A Rose

A rose is a beautiful thing,

with a delicate stem,

But roses' looks are deceiving,

As its beauty hides its thorns

Son , after penning this, explains that it means looks are deceiving. I think this is a message for the guys?

A Lion's Heart

A lion is a mighty animal,

With incredible strength and endurance,

But what's a lion's most impressive part...

Is that it has a lionheart!

Another one of son's effort.Enjoy your weekend, people.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

son's inspirations

Son just penned these:

The Sorrow of Life

Oh the sorrow of life,
Oh woe is me, I'm a fool,
I do not belong in this world,
The world is over run by anger, fear,
And the sorrow of life here

A Dark Heart

Anger and fear, in the hearts of people,
These evil emotions in the world,
A heart is evil and darkness overruns,
The evil of a person's heart


Life is a joyous thing,
The happiness of one to another,
the love and compassion people show,
Ah! Life is wonderful

A Person's heart

A person's heart is a wonderful thing,
With such love,
A person's heart is wonderful,
Ah! A person's heart


In this world where we live,
There are times where we feel regret, sadness,
But we must stay strong,
The determination of one's soul,
It is a joyous thing.


Wishes are an incredible thing,
You can wish for anything,
And once that wish has come true,
Others will do just like you

How do you like them?


Driving to work this morning, this car suddenly appeared in front of me, its side facing me,I freaked out ....honked at him and at the same time trying my level best to avoid hitting him , swerved to my right, and quickly turned my steering wheel back into my lane.....and watching a taxi speeding and overtaking me from that lane which I have just left.......phew!

So, arriving at work very shaken...and thankful for being delivered from a near fatal and nasty accident!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

re stocking

The customer after me had a trolley full of toilet rolls. He confirmed that he was buying for his company , which consumes 500 toilet rolls a month. As the office adminstrator, the duty falls upon him to take charge of the re-stocking.

I suggested to him a method whereby there will be minimum wastage of toilet rolls per employee. He said it won't work for his company. Guess what I told him? ( will let you know after your comments)

2 handphones

Sitting diagonally opposite this lady during breakfast one Saturday morning, I could not

help noticing that she placed 2 handphones on the table while waiting to be served. I asked her

business she was doing and she laughed.

What do you think her business is ? ( Will tell you after your comments)

Monday, October 22, 2007

choice of questions

Son brought home his questions for his coming Art paper, to be held on Friday.

Daughter took a look at the questions and commented:

" He should do question one if he wants more marks

However , since he is so lazy, he'd better do question 2 as it is the easiest.

Question 3 will test his creativity but more work"

credit card

The lady in front of me opted to pay her groceries using her credit card. A customer queing behind me expressed her impatience and went to another counter.

I took a peek at the amount registered by the cashier when the lady got ready to sign her credit slip. It was for the amount of RM 28.97.

Now what was the smallest amount you had to resort to paying by credit card?

celebration feast

An hour ago,my handphone rang , registering an unfamiliar number. It was the clinic nurse, informing me my medical report is fast service!

And..... the good news is I have been issued a clean bill of health. ( except for a course of antibiotics I have to take.... )

Now, who wants to join me in my celebration feast?

Saturday, October 20, 2007


His mum is in the ICU, latest status is that she will feel good one day and at death's door the next day. So her still alive and healthy kids are feeling the strain of looking after her , constant visits to the hospital, blah blah blah. They are saying, if their mum doesn't die soon, they might be the ones to die...sigh

Two of her kids have even made a death request through a temple for prayers hastening their mum's departure from earth.

What do you think of that?

Friday, October 19, 2007

facts don't lie

My plan was to say a quick hello and to have a look at the place.

But I needed no persuasion when asked to be poked and stripped. After all, there will be a good feeling afterwards....and facts don't lie.

So, a friendly visit to a blogger doc turned me into a patient, ( no regrets!) First result released ( ECG) shows I have an excellent heart and now to wait for the remaining results, to be released in one week's time.

Wish me the best!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

no vetting ?

My regular fruit seller announces to me that he won't be around next week as he will be back visiting his in-laws in Indonesia for one week. This is also his first visit to see the old folks who have never seen him before. Bear in mind that he has married for 6 years and has 3 kids now.

It takes real trust in the in-laws' part to trust that their daughter has married a good person without their vetting him first, huh?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

organ donor

The latest heart transplant case has triggered off a good response on organ donation.So I

asked daughter whether she is interested to be an organ donor.

Her doubts....1) I am scared

2) Who would want my tired eyes ?( from lack of sleep)

3) You mean you want me to die early so I can donate my organs?

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Me: I wonder why I am developing some corns on my feet lately.

Son: Age?

Okay, I get it. Son thinks "defects" and aging do go together.

a quick prayer

It was raining and the road was slippery. I saw a motorcyclist 2 vehicles ahead of me. I said a quick prayer for him that he will reach his destination safely.

Imagine my shock when the motorcyclist fell down as he made a left turn. He could have tried to avoid the van which ate into his road. I saw 2 guys alighting from the van to help the motorcylist up. I felt so relieved that he was not seriously injured.

Doesn't matter whether my quick prayer helped or not... point is I responded to my spirit's quickening to say it , right?

Friday, October 05, 2007

lion's den

Son: School is like going into a lion's den unprotected!

What is your image of your school days?

Monday, October 01, 2007

sin day

While wishing someone a happy "sunday", I mistyped and wrote a "sin day"!

It was embarassing , to say the least. I remember correctly, this has been the second typo error I made.