simple me

Friday, August 08, 2008

durians and moon cakes

What do durians and moon cakes have in common? I have been able to resist eating durians this season ( except for ONE seed at CG meet 2 weeks ago ) Even a durian feast hosted by a friend did not tempt me. You see, I do like durians but I know they are loaded in calories.

Moon cakes are another favourite of mine. I used to put on weight in the month of September for this reason. But I know I have to eat sparingly now. Besides making a dent in the pocket ( they are really expensive, I think) daughter just reminded me today that one mooncake contains over 1000 calories! A slice ( if it is cut into 9 slices) contains 136 calories.

It may be a victory of sorts to be able to control eating these 2 items. I must aim for the higher victory of being able to control my tongue....use it to say encouraging words , praise another ( a nugget of wisdom also mentioned in " The Last Lecture)" by Randy Pausch ) and not to tear another down.