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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today, my chief invigilator said I was her "angel" because I helped her in her time of need.
I remember how I met an "angel" too who gave me a lift to school when I first got my driving licence and was too scared to venture out on the highway. I drove to this angel's house each morning and park my car there. This went on for a few months until I gained confidence to drive all the way to school.
Have you met an "angel" before and have you been an "angel" to anyone?



Today, my chief invigilator said I was her "angel" because I helped her in her time of need.
I remember how I met an "angel" too who gave me a lift to school when I first got my driving licence and was too scared to venture out on the highway. I drove to this angel's house each morning and park my car there. This went on for a few months until I gained confidence to drive all the way to school.
Have you met an "angel" before and have you been an "angel" to anyone?


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

invigilation update

Remember I was hoping that nothing untoward would happen during my invigilation stint this time. Now, my centre consists of 3 classrooms on the top floor ( 4th floor) and 4 classrooms on the third floor. The first classroom on the 4th floor also serves as the administrative room for the chief invigilator and her assistant. A cupboard is also placed in this room where all the paraphernalia of exam is kept, eg. the answer booklets ( yes, now each candidate is given an answer booklet ) wrapping paper among others. On the second day, the cupboard lock gave way and a handyman had to step in to repair the lock.
On the third day, the roofs of the 3 classrooms on the top floor leak so we had to shift to the hall downstairs. A not -so-good hailer (because it will give off a loud irritating sound when used) was also given so that announcements could be heard by all the candidates in the hall.
Then on the day I was off-duty as a "pengiring" I was called to go to the "bilik kebal". And now, today, the chief invigilator or "ketua pengawas" fell sick in the afternoon. She felt nauseous ( she had low blood pressure) and I suspect it was because she had not been getting enough rest. The stress of being a "ketua" also got to her. So, guess who will be doing her job tomorrow?
Have you ever had this experience where you had to take over a job at the last minute ?


Monday, November 27, 2006

interest rate

Daughter knows her days of earning a higher interest rate on her kiddies savings account are coming to an end. So she quickly asks me to deposit her money into her account before her birthday arrives. Her money reserves this time comes from some "ang pows" from close relatives who are rewarding her for her UPSR achievement and also her birthday which falls in November. A two- in- one ang pow!
Ever received or given any two-in-one ang pow before?


Saturday, November 25, 2006


My girl was looking at some clothes and wanted to try some at an outlet. Son was not happy that he was made to wait. He started to show his temper . I tried to tell him that patience is a virtue and one that he may have to acquire in his future " pak thor" ( dating ) life when he goes shopping with his girlfriend . He looked at me and asked " You mean date and then marry so that daddy's clan can continue?" I didn't expect him to jump that far ahead. Ha ha. Then he said
" let some other relatives on some remote island do it"(meaning let them continue the clan name, leave me out)


Friday, November 24, 2006

time flies

I reminded son that his cartoon show is about to start. He asked me, " what day is it?" I told him. He answered, "time sure flies!" Actually, he thought the day was thursday, but it was friday. Imagine him saying that when it is just a difference of one day. Looks like that the duration of one day is a long time , seen from a child's perspective.
Sometimes I wish time will pass quickly so that my kids will grow up fast.
I wonder if I am the only parent to have this wishful thinking.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

a good deed

As I was walking out of the market one morning, one woman in her fifties asked me for the time. We chatted after that, about this and that. Turned out she had studied at my alma mater before . She was marketing for her daughter who was in confinement . Upon reaching my car, she continued to share snippets of her life with me . A scar on her face was a reminder of how she fell down when she was walking home with the laden vegetables which she bought one morning . I asked where she stayed and suggested I give her a lift home.She gladly accepted the offer . On reaching the house, she asked whether I am a christian.
Why do you think she said that?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

trophy or certificate?

I notice that primary schools reward students who do well academically, say the first 3 postions in the form or the highest marks in each subject , by giving them a trophy with the achievement inscribed on it . And that is all.
In my opinion, a certificate will more than suffice. This is because a certificate can be filed and kept easily. A trophy, well, one cannot bring it along for an interview now, can you?
Secondary school students are rewarded with a certificate for the same achievement. This makes me wonder whether primary school achievement is looked upon as worthless or what.But I remember receiving many certificates during my primary school days, for academic as well as "spirit of service" they call it. That means serving as a monitor or prefect in a convent school.
Anyway, my hope that my daughter will receive a certificate is raised when the state education department called up just now asking to speak to her. Maybe a prize-giving ceremony for all the top achievers is in order?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am on a matchmaking mission. I want to introduce an eligible guy to my niece who is a lawyer in her 30's. Fellow invigilator has a relative in mind.
Daughter reminds me that I should be concerned for her brother who is the only one who will carry on my family surname. He is in his 30's too. They are children of my late brother . My 2 other brothers have all daughters.
Well, wish me luck. So far, I have only succeeded once on this mission when I introduced a gal to my colleague.
By the way, were you introduced to your spouse? / or you took the initiative all the way?

Monday, November 20, 2006

lunch treat

I gave 4 of my fellow invigilators a lunch treat at a nearby Curry House, to celebrate daughter's recent achievement. Had sambal sotong, curried chicken, claypot curry fish with rice, not forgettting the generous spread of condiment dishes on offer, among which are pickled cucumber and fried bitter gourd. I was surprise that one of the teachers had never eaten at an Indian restaurant before !
Do you like Indian food?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Feet

When my son saw his sister's pic in the newspaper and the write-up on her UPSR achievement , he says" I am a little jealous" to which his sister replies ,"you are smart BUT lazy!"
Took the kids out to watch an early bird movie, ( only charged RM6 as such for myself) entitled " Happy Feet". Tells about this penguin who is not able to fit in because he doesn't have a singing voice but he can dance well.That difference sets him apart and he feels alone. To know the ending, I will leave you to watch it for yourself!
My brother , sister and niece have been calling to ask my daughter what present she would like .One thing about my girl is that she is not materialistic. She has not even asked me for a handphone, something which her friends possess at this age. She thinks she will only need to own a handphone when she goes to college.
Upon my return from the movie, I managed to make a quick dash to return my 2 books which I borrowed from the public library.
Raining heavily now .Hope it will subside around dinner time because I plan to take kids out for a good dinner!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

daughter's sweet memory

Since the SPM exam started, I have been only at home in the evenings as I am now the escort and assistant for the days I am on duty. Today was the exception as I only had the morning paper to invigilate. Rushed home to hang out my laundry, feeling thankful that I could catch the sun to dry my clothes compared to the previous few days.
I also managed to make a dash tothe bank before fetching my kids home. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from my daughter's headmistress while I was hanging out my second load of laundry .She wants me to fetch my daughter to school as fast as I can because a reporter is around and wants to interview my daughter, supposedly to have made it to the 25 top scorers nationwide for UPSR.
The headmistress says to hope for the best that the reporter's information is accurate. But to me, it doesn't matter as my daughter has now experienced firsthand an interview with a reporter and that will be one of her sweet primary school memories.

success in life

So it is confirmed, daughter obtained 5 A's for her UPSR examination. She is reaping what she has been sowing all this while. I know she has been working very hard and deserve to get this result.
It did worry me a little as to how daughter will react if she didn't do so well. I realise that I have to slowly teach her that sometimes real life "stinks". And that one may not get what one deserves even though he works hard for it.
I would want my daughter to know that as long as she has tried her best , nothing else matters. She must not be too hard on herself if things don't work out . I would want her to be have the resilience to bounce back and start all over again if she fails the first time. I would want her to learn that good academic results is only one of the factors that guarantees success in life.
What do you say?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Nowadays, the chief invigilator gets a teacher , her "pengiring" to meet her at the "strong room" ( bilik kebal) when she collects the exam papers. Then the "pengiring" will sit in the chief"s car as she drives to the exam centre. Some subjects have questions in dual language, BM and English. So the question booklets are really thick. The chief will get 2 "pengiring" to help her for the days when these subjects are on.
Some schools let the candidates sit for the exam in the school hall. Some schools open up classrooms where each room houses 25 candidates. The problem arises when the classrooms are on a different floor. So, it is difficult to contact the chief if a candidate needs to ease himself . There will be an extra invigilator who is assistant to the chief for the week, doing work like marking attendance, etc.
So, I will be the "pengiring" ( escort, nice name huh?) for this week. I used to sleep with 2 alarm clocks on , just to be on the safe side. Nowadays, I rely on my handphone to wake me up!

Monday, November 13, 2006


My son's remark on reading about the 103 year -old man who took a 22 year-old lady as his wife was " I know the girl is always younger ( I should correct him , not always) than her husband but this is taking it one step too far!"


I need to toughen my son up. He has been bullied in school and the teacher says he is too soft. He says to me" violence doesn't solve anything" when he was asked by his cousin "why he did not retaliate".
After a while, he forgets who the bully is and befriends him again , to the extent of keeping the bully's money in his (son's ) pocket when asked to do so. I was afraid that the bully will accuse him (s0n) of taking his money.But my son says, " people change..for the better".
I am told I must toughen my son up to face the real world.
How do I do it? Any suggestions? He is 9

Saturday, November 11, 2006

exam invigilation

I will be invigilating the SPM exam this year. I hope no untoward incident will occur.One year I had to invigilate a candidate who was detained at the police station.
The exam will be on for 3 weeks.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Speech day

It is Speech day at my kids' school tomorrow. Daughter will be receiving a prize for 2nd position in her form. She deserves it as she has been working very hard. She is so disciplined and really pushes herself to do well. I hope and pray that she doesn't burn - out too early as she still has a long way to go.

Congrats daughter and keep it up!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the "test"

Daughter and son were watching the movie about how the princess has to pass a test set by the Queen before she can marry the prince.
So daughter turned around and asked me whether grandma gave me any test before I could marry her daddy!
If there were, I must have passed with flying colours!
Do you remember any test ( not academic) that you have to pass?

the "test"

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I received this sms from my sister yesterday.

Remember the 5 simple rules to be happy:

1) free your heart from hatred
2) free your mind from worries
3) live simply
4) give more
5) expect less

Do you have any other rules?

Friday, November 03, 2006


Extracted this line from this novel I am currently reading;

" Everyone experiences some tragedy at some point in his /her life."

Do you agree?

junior prom

A very fruitful day today. Spent 2 hours making a bracelet and a pair of matching ear rings for my daughter under the tutelage of my colleague. Daughter is attending her "junior prom" ( that is what her brother called it) luncheon with all her classmates . I hope daughter appreciates what I made her!
I am also baking 2 carrot walnut cakes this evening.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I tried to look over my son's shoulder to see what he was drawing. He saw me and said" Can't a guy have some privacy around here?" Ha, ha.


I was told that a mother of one ex-student has passed away this morning. She was only 47! She looked well the last time I saw her, less than a year ago.
Life is indeed short and we must remember to focus on what matters and not the nitty -gritty stuff!

missing mum

I told my son, who is 9, that mummy is going on an outstation trip tp visit his granny. He wanted me to stay for only 2 nights. I came home after only one night unexpectedly. When he saw me, he did a jig around the house. His sister said he missed me. That is the "high" of being a mum!