simple me

Monday, April 30, 2007


Son reported to me ( without me prompting him) the marks he has received for his monthly test. "And for English, I got 46..." "What!" I exclaimed. "English is your strong subject."

He continued, " 46 over 50." "Oh, I see. " I said.

The last time I took a look at the previous test paper, I had a word with the vice principal regarding the ambiquity of one question.

So, I should learn not to jump to conclusion so fast. And to allow another to finish talking before I interrupt, right?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

truth hurts

I remarked to son that he seems to be putting on weight. After letting out a scream, he replied " The truth hurts , you know"

That reminds me that to solve a problem, one needs to first recognise there is a problem. Then even if the truth hurts, one has to think of a way or ways to solve the problem. Sharing the problem with someone who understands always helps , of course. It lightens the problem somewhow.

Do you agree?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

PS two

Son has been bugging me lately to get him a PS two. My story to him is that I "don't have the money " to buy him one. He answered that money or the lack of it sucks. And it is not fair that there are some people , the poor ones, who don't have money. It is not their fault , he says.

On reflection, it is true . There are so many unfortunate people out there, living below the poverty line or just existing. So we who can afford 3 square meals a day, should feel more than contentment with out lot in life.

P/S I hope I can hold out until the november holidays to get son his PS two. I wouldn't want to spoil him now, would I?

Monday, April 23, 2007

blog comment

Am just wondering....what makes one comment on another's blog? For me, at least, I comment when I can relate to what the blogger is saying. Or I comment because I want to join in the conversation or the chat.

And I welcome comments to my inconspicous blog. I appreciate people who care enough to comment .

When I leave a comment on someone else's blog, it does not mean that what I say is important enough to change another's life. Most of the time, it is just sharing thoughts.

What about you?

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Remember me saying I aspire to be an encourager in word and deed? Lately, I found one way to do this.

A colleague was not well and some others planned a visit to her house. I could not join in so I penned a prayer for her and asked those interested to sign their names as well.

Sometimes I am amazed how this simple gesture can cheer another up. I remember penning a prayer on 2 other occasions for 2 colleagues, one who has cancer and one who was undergoing trials from her mother-in-law.

May He who can use even a "donkey" continue to use me in this manner, all glory to Him!


It used to be that ( when son was in his old school) I have to call up parents of son's classmates to check on his homework.

This afternoon, his classmate called him up to check on homework.

What a pleasant surprise. More interestingly, what caused the turnaround?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

liver transplant

He has been drinking like a fish. Now, he needs a liver transplant. He wants working son in his 20's to donate part of liver . His wife objects. His liver transplant costs RM300000

Did the wife do the right thing?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


While surfing, I came across 2 bloggers who announced their retirement from the blogging world. One wants to spend more time with his family and the other is busy with work.

I thought that was so cool as they got their priorities right. If anything were to take one away from one's family, or the virtual world offers more "oomph" to one's life compared to the real world, action definitely needs to be taken to rectify the situation.

What do you say?

green tea

I told son that his sister is in a stressful state.

His suggestion, " Make her go for aromatherapy and let her drink green tea."

Ever tried that?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today a colleague said to me at the school ladies' loo....

She: I noticed you are very happy
Me : Does it show? I think I know why
She: I am very depressed.
Me: Huh? ( pressed her for details)

And then proceeded to pray for her there and then at the ladies loo.

My happiness stems from inner spiritual contentment. My thirst has been quenched by God, praise Him. So nothing, not even a meeting where I felt targeted at, was able to take away my joy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

choir and weather

Daughter will be among some in the school choir chosen to present a few songs at the school speech day this week. I am happy for her . More importantly, I hope this will raise her self-esteem. She thinks that she does not have a good singing voice as often, son outshines her in this area with his natural flair for singing.

Picked son up from school and it was raining cats and dogs. It was a dull and wet day indeed. Son said " At least there is good news.... I have only one homework today!" Yeah, his mood certainly doesn't depend on the weather like some of us , huh?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I helped put a colleague's problem in perspective today and another who listened in said I should do some lecturing on positive thinking.

Well, I always want to be an encourager. Words indeed have the power to "kill" or "destroy" or lift up the listener's spirit.

On numerous occasions I try not to listen to another teacher complain endlessly about the students;all their negative behaviour. It really spoils my appetite as she will go on about them in the canteen. My thoughts would be ," What can she in her power of authority do to change the students' attitude."

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I have been receiving countless calls from this person. The same question is posed each time I answer, " Have you heard of anyone who doesn't like me?" I think I might be one of those people if she doesn't stop calling me with the same question.I have also been asked by her " Is teacher A and teacher Bgood friends?" Gee, am I the absolute authority on this?

Sigh...why all these questions? Is anything wrong with her?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

greatest scare

What is the greatest scare of ladies?Not breast cancer, mind you. It is the fear that hubby goes astray and finds "love" elsewhere. The scare is magnified if the lady is not financially independent.

There are cases of how a scorned ex-wife might receive a large monetary compensation after the hubby leaves her. But let's face it. Can any amount of money help the lady to reclaim her youth or the sacrifice she makes with hubby during the early years of the marriage?

What causes a man to stray if it is not pure lust?

Monday, April 09, 2007

pretty face

The school editorial board always has something up its sleeve for teachers. Last year, we were asked to submit pics of us in school uniform and this year, they asked for our wedding pics. Oh well, since I still have some lying around , ( ha ha ) I brought mine along. While viewing it, one teacher exclaimed " Wah, so pretty ah, no wonder your hubby fell for you."

Gee, does that mean 1) I have a hubby who is so superficial to fall for only a pretty face?
2) I have nothing else to show except a pretty face?

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I am basically a very friendly gal...I connect best on a one-to-one basis. So it is no surprise to me that when colleagues leave the school, they will somehow tell me that I was the first teacher to approach them when they were new. Currently, one new teacher regards me as her best friend.

However, this over friendliness may be misconstrued by some. I still rememember when I was first posted to one school. This male teacher will always come over to my desk for a I welcome him and we get along fine until one day, he found out that I was attached. He must have thought I was leading him on. Sigh....and then the friendliness between us just dissipated.

Treasure your current friends, especially if you have some platonic ones!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

memory and glasses

I misplaced my glasses and sent my kids to help look for them. Not successful. I managed to find an old pair which I am wearing now.I have called up my optometrist to find out if my new pair is ready. It is not.

Son remarked " Great, first your memory and now your glasses!"

Blessed Easter, everyone

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


When I called up my friend to check on son's homework, she said that all her kids have gone to bed. Her eldest is 12 and youngest 6. They sleep at 830pm every night, she added.

I told my son this news. His reply , " Why are they not norturnal. Am I the only norturnal one around? " You see, he sleeps way past 830pm every night.I have a problem every morning waking him up on school days.

Are you nocturnal?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Son said " I wished Wednesday is here and gone." I know, he doesn't like Wednesdays because of that day's time table, some periods in particular.

I told him that all of us have one day like that in our week's schedule. Mine is on a day I have 3 teaching periods in a row before and after recess, leaving me with not much time to breathe between periods. Our teaching time table is drawn up by the computer programme, not done manually. As we know, the computer is heartless and it is up to humans to implement the human aspect into what is churned up by the computer programme.

Do you have such a day during the week?

Monday, April 02, 2007

april fool

It being April Fool's day yesterday, daughter played a prank on her dad. She succeeded!

Son however, remarked, " A prank is funny but it is a mean thing to do."

Did you play any pranks or was a victim of one yesterday? I for one, was glad it fell on a Sunday and not on a school day!