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Friday, January 25, 2008

not kids

Me to daughter: Please tell your friend that your mummy would like her mummy to do

her a favour....

Daughter: What is this , your mummy, my mummy? We are not kids anymore...

Sigh, yes, they are growing!

school bag

Son, on reaching home from school, dumped his heavy schoolbag on the floor, and shouted,


Freedom.....from having to carry a heavy schoolbag.

from having to follow a scheduled school time-table.

My schoolbag in my primary school days was a rattan bag. I find it so convenient to reach for

my books and stationary items as it always stays open, no zip mishap as well.

How did you carry your books during your primary school days?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

unsually kind

Son: The teacher was unusually kind to me today.

Have you been the recipient of any "unusually kind" deed lately?

Or have you been the giver of such a deed?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

second chance?

This single 50 year-old lady has a friend who is now a widower. A close friendship is being rekindled into love . I hear wedding bells.

Comments I hear include these.

a) Good for her. ( and him)

b) She should think twice.

c) Is he in good health? She might be saddled with looking after him

d) It is their destiny to be together.

e) Since he doesn't have kids, there are less complications. ( Actually, I personally think this need not be a factor)

f) Lucky him. ( and her?)

What do you say?

Yan, yes, I have been busy. Your greeting prompted this post.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Daughter's present cravings for her favourite fruits are langsat and rambutans.
She wanted me to go take a walk around the evening market to get her some ( if any) after dropping her off her evening class. I was way too tired to do it before that and she knew it as I had to attend to her brother's affairs, which took me several hours.

But as her class was postponed, she was immensely delighted to be able to go along with me to the evening market and manage to spot some nice lovely " so sweet" mini oranges and bought those instead. Bought her 2 kg of them. She insisted on carrying the load even though I wanted to do it. I kept insisting on carrying for her and offered her my lighter load in exchange.
Then she blurted, " Why did you insist on helping "por por" ( referring to my mum) to carry her stuff then"?

I was blank for a second. Then she said she wants to help me and I should let her; just as how she has seen me helping my mum.

Okay, so this is a minor observation but a good reminder that little ears and eyes hear and observe and imitate, huh? May we all be good imitators of God that our kids will be our copycats as well?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Just 2 weeks ago, I was called a "superwoman" . I was running around so much and doing so much , baking etc ( Not for sale though)

Then, guess what happened on jan 1 2008? After returning home from watchnite service at 230am, I slept and slept and slept. I fell sick and nauseous on jan 1 2008 and was in bed the whole day. On jan 2, I tried to get up and did a little house chore an dhad to lie down again.

But I am better now . After all school starts again tomorrow.

One aspect on what I shared during watchnite service.

Given so many responsibilites at work and the mistake was in looking around me to compare if others of the same seneriority were also given the same. But when I look up, I know that God is in control and so I try my level best to fulfill my responsibilities.

What stands out in 2007 then is that favour with God matters most and not favour with man.

A blessed 2008 to you all