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Monday, November 24, 2008

leaving my comfort zone

What does it mean to leave your "comfort zone"? Many great men in the Bible responded to God's call in their lives and left their confort zone to serve God. Nehemiah is one example.

Well, just to show what I have done in my very small way . At coffee break after church service, I don't seek to sit with those I know, the people I am comfortable with. I now sit at a new table and wait to see whom God will lead to sit at the same table . And I will try to speak an
encouraging word to that person or persons.

Well, since I have been told and I know that I am an encourager, I tell myself that I want to encourage with God's Word which is sharper than any 2-edged sword, cutting to the spirit. I will use as few of my own words as possible.

Try leaving your comfort zone and share with me your experience?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


At the conference I attended a few months back, speaker A's message really touched my

spirit. Tears would flow freely down my face as I responded to what he was saying.

Speaker B was such a joker that I laughed so hard that tears also flowed .

Am finding that my heart is extra soft and tender these days ..... I cry so easily now.

Ever had my experience?

Want to know how great God is? Job 38 v 31

Thursday, November 20, 2008

blind and unfamiliar

1) Is anyone going through a temporary darkness in your life?

2) Are you doing something unfamiliar in your work life or personal life?

3) Is the journey feeling choppy or rough?

Read Isaish 42 v 16


What did I say to the new teacher going to get married? It was her last day of invigilation


I told her that no one is perfect. As such, her husband , being human, will fail to meet her

needs at times. That she is not to depend on him for her total happiness. I told her that her

husband is not "God".

As mothers, we have always been told that our children belong to the Lord. That we are to

release them , not hold on to them. ( Last week's sunday speaker went so far as to ask if we

would like to listen to excellent preaching from the pulpit....and then added that those who

raised their one hand are now to raise the other hand to release their children for God's work)

But besides holding on to children, we can also hold on to possessions or our time of course.

Not much has been said about holding on to our spouses, that can happen also of course. In the

reality of our earthly life, one spouse is bound to enter heaven sooner than the other. In many

cases, I see the husband as being the one going off first. But God's grace is sufficient even in such

a situation.

What would you say to my friend ? (who is about to get married)

Monday, November 17, 2008


1) I am invigilating the SPM exam again this year. On days when I am at the centre, my

job is to get two students to witness the unsealing of the question papers.

2) I am volunteering to buy breakfast for the invigilators on thursday ( nasi dagang, anyone).

One of the invigilators volunteers to pay for it as we are getting her a wedding present and

she wants to treat us. I feel sorry for her that she is still sent out by her school as an

invigilator despite having to make preparations for her december wedding.

3) My car bumper was knocked from behind a few days ago.Daughter was amazed at the

amicable manner it was settled.

4) Agreeing with what I read one day that even the greatest spouse will make a "poor" God.

5) Being ministered by Isaish 58 v 11 now.