simple me

Friday, September 25, 2009


Today's news caught my attention; this lady used a billboard to advertise the loss of her 2 precious dogs.

Asking myself whether the billboard of my life is advertising "The Way"

or am I a "double-minded " man..( james 1v8 )

or do I claim to have " faith' but " no deeds" ( James 2v 14)

or do I only "look to my own interests" ( Phil 2 v 4)

Reflection: Let me be consciously aware that I am " a dwelling in which God lives

by His Spirit" ( Ephesians 2 v 22)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's gentle whisper

While sticking stamps onto envelopes at the post office, I saw this lady next to me, sticking stamps onto her Deepavali cards. I exclaimed to her, " Wow, already sending ou cards, huh?" Her response? She ignored me, without a word.

At the evening market, I heard one indian lady speaking in perfect cantonese.

I made a positive comment to her. Her response? Silence.

These 2 instances were as if God is trying to remind me of the times when

His prompting or word to me is greeted with silence; partly because I was too

busy doing my own thing or too preoccupied to be distracted. Or is it because

other voices have been seducing me away from His presence so that I cannot even

recognise God's 'gentle whisper' ( 1 Kings 19v 12) when He speaks to me.

Prayer: Praying for the sensitivity to listen to God's voice in the midst

of my daily routine.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

traffic lights

I was told of this incident whereby the motorbike rider stopped at the

traffic lights and was knocked by a car driver from behind. The rider is in coma


A few days later, I heard of a car which stopped , also at the traffic lights

and was knocked from behind, by another car.

This got me thinking. It is dangerous to be in a state of inertia in my spiritual

life. I am responsible to keep my faith growing by doing the necessary. Quiet time

being the most important.

I must not allow myself to be in a state of inertia , only dwelling on past

victories and have no "fresh' testimonies.

A day later, something else happened. I was sitting in my parked car while

waiting for my daughter to finish her class. My car was at a proper parking bay.

A driver driving in the opposite direction ( wrong it is a one-way street)

surged forward and frantically tried to park his car into a parking lot. The

tail end of his car came very near to the side of my car and I tooted at him.

He chose to ignore it( later he said he heard the horn but couldnt see clearly

as it was raining) The result was a little dent at the side of my car.

Anyway, to continue along the vein of what I was sharing, this incident made me

wonder as to whether sometimes warfare prayers have no effect. I could be waging

against the enemy but it might have no effect. The enemy did not recognise my

voice because it has no authority for the simple reason that I might not have been

leading a holy life and upright life? This reminds me of the demon who asks

"Who are you" in one incident in the Bible.

Also being reminded that "partial sin " in one's life does not result in
'partial glory or anointing". Instead, it results in "NO glory or anointing"

Prayer: Father God, help me in my walk with You and to recognise You at work

in my life and to strengthen my inner man to always obey You.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

jeremiah 42 v 6

I thought that my part of the work has been completed. Her assistant requested for the finished product from me.

However upon submission, I was told that it fell short of the 'requirements". I had no idea that there were "certain requirements

and information " that I had to include.

"oh, it was contained in the letter" she says.

"What letter? I have yet to see any letter which she says she has receeived a long time ago. I asked to see the letter but she says

it is at home.

I felt as if a) she could have deliberately not shown me the letter. Why? (So I could not do a good and complete job?)

b) wanted to put me in a bad light ( show my incompetency?)

More importantely, how should I re-act?

a) Grumbled inwardly, but still have to re-do?

b) Find out what needs to be done and get on with it?

How I reacted....I did a little of (a) and then knowing that I could commit to God and really desiring to act the way God wants me to,

I decided to seek God 's forgiveness for thinking the worse of her. I ask God to bless her and trust God to help me re-do my part of the work.

Testimony! Before the day was over, she told me ( I ran into her, she didnt come to me) that what I needed to compile was just a VERY small

portion and the rest of the data would be assigned to others.

Reflections: a) God could be testing me ..wants to see if I could re-act the way He wants me to.

b) Jeremiah 42v6 " Whether it is favourable or unfavourable, we will obey the Lord our God" May this be true in our everyday decisions!