simple me

Monday, February 02, 2009


I mentioned to daughter that one teacher in school was carrying her new handbag, branded. which costs her RM400. ( GUESS the brand?)

Daughter : I feel so bad thinking how I wasted yours and dad's money last time when I was

younger , asking for Heelies shoes and Barbie dolls. It was so foolish of me.

Why is it that your friend, ( the teacher) being more matured than me(meaning she should know how to think?) want to spend so much on a handbag?

looking youthful

I was listening to a health doctor online and commented to my daughter that he

looked very youthful and has good complexion. I concluded that his health tips

must be effective.

Daughter replies that she would leave me to follow his tips as she wants to look older, not

younger! ( I was tickled to hear her response)