simple me

Sunday, August 30, 2009

hospital visitation

The door of the hospital room could not be opened. The ways used included

pulling at it or pushing it. Someone came over to help. With ease, he slid the

room door to the right and it opened.

This reminds me of John 14 v 6. All other ways to find fulfillment in life

are a waste of time .

At the hospital car park, someone tried to help guide the car out. However

the driver could easily, without guidance, manouevered her car out.

This speaks to me how I also try to help God along the way, so that my prayers are

in my own way or in my own timing. But God doesn't need my help. He only needs me to

completely trust Him. Psalms 33 v 20 - 22

P/S Hospital visitation is something not normally practised during these days of

H1N1 but even as I went , God ministered to me in the 2 ways above. PTL

Monday, August 03, 2009

ministering LIFE

Son : My friend knows the meaning of the words ( bahasa language) but doesn't

know what to do with them ( meaning he doesn't know how to construct

sentences with the words)

Son : ( sighing) If I only knew the meaning of the words, I would know what

to do with them!

Reflection: This speaks to me of how I need to really go deep into God's

WORD, and not just knowing what it means, but to have a

revelation and discernment to apply The WORD to minister to

people in need, to minister LIFE into their lives, to be

a RIVER in the desert to quench their thirst.

( Isaish 32 v 1 - 4)

Prayer: Holy Spirit, continue to fill me with Your anointing