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Monday, January 29, 2007

going to school

I asked son whether he missed me while I was away. His answer? "What do you think?" Now does that mean he missed me or he didn't. Ha ha.

Son has has two unpleasant experiences in school this month. He even said he hated going to school. Asked why he must attend school etc. I hope it is just a passing phase. Telling him that some kids don't have the chance to attend school. His answer? "Lucky them" he said. Sigh...Informing him that this week will be a shorter week as Thaipusam will be a holiday , he replied" That doesn't make me feel any better."

Friday, January 26, 2007

I am back!

People, I am back! I had a heavy head and tried to rest for half an hour. Daughter, who must have missed me , went along to fetch me home ( or to make sure I don't go galavanting after the course ha ha) On reaching home, she switched on the room air con for me to rest. ( Not bad for a welcome home gesture ,right?)
The 21/2 hour essay questions were the "killer" in the course.But I think I did my very best , given the short time to study the topics. First exam after a lapse of so many years! Hopefully, I can clear the bar and receive a pay rise. But then, who knows, only time will tell.
The best part of the course was getting to know friends. I did a 10-minute public speaking .Not more than 3 persons in the group can speak on the same topic. I chose " Reaching out to the Needy". I was the only one who spoke on this topic and I was the last speaker!
Will write more next time. Latch-key child means a child who lets herself out to school and take the key along.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

D day

One more day before I leave to attend my one week stay-in course. I have completed my 20-page assignment, have the powerpoint presentation ready and am all geared up to attend the lectures, after which I have to sit for a written test which consists of answering 4 essay questions.I have given work to the classes I teach while I am away.
Daughter asks me to regard this course as a "holiday", away from the kids!
But this is one holiday I would rather not take given a choice. I will go with a positive attitude and try to absorb and learn what I can. Passing it would mean a salary increase of course but I would rather not be stressed by it.
On the home front, daughter has chosen the path to take. She is switching schools.Son is complaining that year 4 at school involves so much work and finds it a burden to complete his homework. This even sets mummy to consider home schooling for him.
Wish me luck , people!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I took my son's blanket to wash and gave him a new one. Of course, the old one is still his favourite. A week went by. Then he asks " Where is my old blanket . When you took it away for it to be washed, I went with the flow". Now where is it?
Gee, went with the flow....wonder where he learnt this?


Friday, January 12, 2007

being tagged

Right, have been tagged by George , who was earlier tagged by Bernard.

Also, a first timer at this.

So, 5 things you do not know about me:

1) I am one of those who achieved her ambition as I wanted to be a teacher since I was young. The reason being that I wanted to have time for my family. I was one of the few students at varsity who did a double major to prepare myself to be a teacher. It is rarely that a teacher gets to teach only one subject, you see.

2) I have never been to Australia but hope to visit the country one day.

3) I still keep my report cards from primary one and can show them to my daughter to inspire her , hopefully!

4) Of all the household chores, I like ironing the most

5) Black is my favourite colour.

If you are reading this, I would like to tag

a) First and last, do no harm

b) Yan

c) May

d) Sgt Dub

e) LM

f) Jonzz

g) Chen

h) Nyonya

So, have fun!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Daughter has to make a difficult decision this month. She has been writing all the pros and cons in an attempt to help her make the decision. I can see her struggling emotionally. I know I cannot make the decision for her and I don't want to. All I can do is to help her think through the issues involved.I will also help her to look for any answers to her questions . ( and she has many)
I want to see her happy. I wish I could make the decision for her. Sigh...being a mum is tough at this point.


Monday, January 08, 2007

NOT useless

Charles Dickens once said, " No one is useless in this world who lightens the
burden of another."
With that in mind, all of us are NOT useless people. Wherever we are, however we do it, I am sure we have lightened the burden of another, be it a family member or a total stranger or maybe even a casual friend or a colleague.
Happy being NOT useless people, you guys and gals!


Saturday, January 06, 2007

ray of sunshine

A fair administrator is always looked up to and respected. She does not have to ask for it. A school is run by one principal and assisted by "three right-hand man" ; one sees to the academic affairs of the school which covers the time-tables of the whole staff, another allocates the "gerko" duties of the teachers while another takes care of the students' affairs.( she will choose her teacher-helpers to assist her, of course)
Thus lie the fate of all teachers at the beginning of each school year. If one of the "penolong kanan" is out to get you and load you, you have no choice but to bear the burden with a smile. There is just no point in arguing your case before her for she has made up her mind.
A little ray of sun was peeping out behind the dark clouds which loomed above me lately. Help came from the most unexpected source; for which I am so grateful. A little burden has been lifted from my workload. There is justice after all.
Thanks ,you guys, for sharing my burden as I voice them aloud in my previous post. A burden shared is indeed a burden lessened.
On the home front, I was much cheered by my daughter settling down well in her new school. I really enjoyed being able to fetch her home from school. I was only able to do so this year as she is in the afternoon session.
Enjoy your sunday! Any plans?


Thursday, January 04, 2007

silver lining

Ever heard that it doesn't rain, but it pours? Seems to feel like these these days? I have been having a spate of unfortunate events affecting me at work.But I must act and not react, I know. I will respond to them with the confidence that there is a sliver lining behind every cloud.
I will survive.
Hope you are having a better time than me?


Monday, January 01, 2007


I have additional work responsibilites this new year at school. Been given 2 extra classes to teach. My co-curriculum duties have increased too. Okay, I must look at it positively. I must have been responsible and that is why I am given more? The human part of me wants to compare with other colleagues I notice they did not receive the same fate as me.
I will resolve to do my best at work and look at the positive side.Ever been in the same situation as me?