simple me

Friday, March 30, 2007

a good samaritan

It was a day with wet showers in the afternoon. On reaching the parking meter, I discovered to my dismay that I had run out of coins to feed the meter. A man who has just finished feeding the meter turned around and gave me the coins I required to get my parking ticket. I really appreciate it.

There are good samaritans out there!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who does she take after?

So daughter was among 16 other top UPSR achievers, 20 top PMR , 15 top SPM and 2 top STPM students to receive the state awards, which consist of a certificate ( this is what I appreciate most) a plaque and a cash reward of RM 240 for the UPSR achievers. I do not know how much is given to the rest. Don't know how they arrive at the figure, want to make a guess?

Her dad told her to enjoy the most of it as he thinks that at the PMR level and SPM level, it will be tough indeed to emerge as one of the top scholars. I didn't add any comment to that and hope daughter can prove him wrong again?

One question which was posed to me by my colleagues was " Does she ( daughter) take after her dad or mum?" They meant in the academic area or intellectual area of course. Is this a question you would ask someone in the same position as me? And why this question?

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

anger management and state award

I gave son a telling -off. A few minutes later , I saw him tearing some A4 paper into shreds. Upon asking what he was doing, he replied" Anger management."

I was waiting with bated breath the last few days to see if daughter will get her state award. And she has! When her dad returned home from work, she asked him" Now what do you have to say?" This is because her dad said she won't get it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

high scores

Daughter has been getting perfect or near-perfect scores in all her tests this month.

Her dad's comments " Her friends will hate her "

My thoughts " Her friends should admire her?"

What do you say?

Saturday, March 17, 2007


At lunch the other day, my friend's English hubby mentioned about a friend of theirs who stayed together as a couple for 18 years. The year after they got married, they broke up.

What happened? Any thoughts?

Is this why the statistics of people getting married is declining also over here?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

sons and daughters

My sis-in-law (hubby's sis) has successfully delivered a son, after 2 daughters. Age was on her side when she decided to try for a boy. It seems to be the season for baby boys now as my colleague delivered a boy after 2 girls.

This makes me wonder, what if the 2 mothers already have 2 sons, would they try for a girl?
To me, it is a family's loss if it has no daughter. The son is merely for carrying down the family name , if one is a chinese. But a daughter will be there for you (at least I hope mine will be) even after she is married. A son will be yours until he gets married. ( that should be the way?)

Correct me if I am wrong?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

right tip

My new furniture came today but they forgot anotherset of chest drawers and had to make a return trip to the shop. My 2 small hanging wardrobes have been put to good use. I know I need to clear clothes which I have not worn for maybe, less than 10 times the past year. Is that a good way to keep track of what should be given away?

By the way, I asked the delivery guys to dispose my old sofa set. I tipped each one ( there were 2 of then) RM 15 each after making them a cup fo coffee .Tell me, is this too little or too much?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Last week, I was in my car waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. Looking out of my car window, I saw this elderly couple ( must be in early 70's?) walking towards the LRT station.
I saw the man holding the lady's hand and leading her very patiently and lovingly. This image stayed in my mind and makes me think that this beats the commercial -valentine kind of love anytime.

At the market this morning, I saw one elderly couple at the "chee cheong fun" stall. When the wife was trying to communicate to the seller how she wanted the noodles to be packed, the husband standing beside her impatiently interrupted her.

Any comments?

full -time housewife

Daughter's comment on seeing me re-arrange the furniture and cleaning the house " I think the house would look real nice if you are a full-time housewife!" Is that a compliment?

Actually, I am making way for 2 new cabinets for her books and 2 new (small) wardrobes for myself. My girl is accumulating lots of books, for revision purposes. Many times she wishes that a day has more than 24 hours for her to accomplish more in her revision and reading .Only form one now, pray along with me that she won't get burned out. At the book store recently , and after going through some books on the shelf, she exclaimed, " I want! I want!" I know, I should be thankful to have such a conscientious daughter. Son is the complete opposite of her

Saturday, March 10, 2007

moving on

Let's say you were in a relationship with B. B dumped you. Would you like B to continue to contact you? Would seeing and hearing B give you a lump in your throat and make it harder for you to "move on?"

Ever had this experience?


Son asked me why I married his dad since he has this bad trait in him. Then he added" Don't say the "D" word" I replied, " Of course not!" He then said, "Good, I like it like this."

The "D" word is "divorce . It is scary that kids think parents are going to split up over any little thing. Right?

Monday, March 05, 2007

history project

Daughter has this history project to do. She wants me to be the focus of her project. She has to write about a family "tokoh". I told her to write about her dad instead, telling her that he was the oen who obtained a first class honours. She said that I struggled against more odds to be where I am and she prefers to choose me. Okay, maybe I should feel honoured?

Saturday, March 03, 2007


About 10 of us schoolmates met up for lunch today. It was good catching up with each other. One came all the way from singapore just to meet up. Another got married and brought along her "ah moh" hubby.
When asked how she met her hubby, she mentioned through the internet. I am happy for her and noted that hers is one positive statistic on dating through the net. I hope that a few of our single friends will be encouraged to try this method too, "to make it happen", to quote one of them.
Anyway, I opined to the group that married or single, the most important is that one makes oneself happy. Don't let another dictate your happiness or depend on another completely to make you happy. Do you agree?