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Sunday, May 31, 2009

use me

Pentecostal Sunday yesterday.

My prayer:

" More of you, Lord

FLow in me, Holy Spirit

Flow through me

To bless others"

So that as psalms 67 v 7 says "God will BLESS us , and all the ends of the

earth will FEAR Him"

So looking back on yesterday, have I been a blessing?

1) gave ( "dumped"?) some stuff to someone

2) gave a lift home to someone I ran into after church...and she wanted a lift to
a nearby shop to buy some stuff first.

3) fried "cucuk udang" for my 2 sisters-in-law. ( consciously wanting to bless them)

4) received an SOS call from one lady who stays near church , wanted help to fix

her gas tank. Daughter asked me why she called me.....God must have "told" her

of my "availability"?

Shall I challenge you to say you want to be a blessing today and blog on how God

works through you?

childbirth pangs

In one sermon, the speaker was saying that childbirth pangs are very painful

and in the same manner, any ministry or idea that God has birthed in you will

involve much pain before it bears fruit. So we need to have patience.

The thing is , I "cheated" in the sense that even though I have 2 kids, I

didn't experience childbirth pangs. Reason being that I have read up so much on

epidural and so, had my anaesthesist administer me that before he clocked out

for the day on the 2 occasions!

So, I "escaped" childbirth pangs in the natural realm but if I want to

experience victory in the spiritual realm, I must go through them.


My daughter has commented before that my blog doesn't look attractive as it is colourless, unattractive and it contains no pics. Worse of all, I don't have a pic of myself to show, not IT savvy being one of the reasons for this.

So, thanks for the one or two who still drop by to read my 2 cents worth.

Friday, May 29, 2009

leisurely saturday

Lasr saturday was a hectic day for me. Had to attend an in-service course at shah alam ( a compulsory thing for ALL teachers which covers 6 hours for 6 saturdays of the year) and then, in the evening i was on duty in school from 8pm to 11pm . The uniformed bodies were having their annual camp and some of us teachers took turns to be on duty.

So this saturday was such a relaxed one. Already been out of the house twice, for marketing
and just now, to buy "roti telur" for my son. He wants them hot from the hotplate, so to speak.

Wondering if I should pop in at any book sale later?

What are your saturday plans?


When she comes to me to either complain or grumble about another , I would try to let her

see things from God's perspective. She would then walk off , not wanting to hear what I have to


This morning, she came to sit beside me and after some idle chat, she cried and told me she has

to consult a doctor next week about this health problem she is having. Giving her a tissue to

wipe her tears, I then decided to speak God's word of faith into her spirit and prayed for her.

Feeling good to be a vessel for HIM.


On being served slices of cake , I would refuse at times because at my age, it is too easy
to put on weight.

My hostess then says that "FAT" also stands for

faithfull, available and teachable.

So do you have these "FAT" attributes?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

right motive

My school principal said to the 3 of us in the same category who applied for promotions. "You will be sent out as school principals"

My best friend and I wondered if we could take the responsibility. However, bearing in mind that true promotion comes from God, and seeking His will in this matter, and only desiring that we get the promotion only if we are more effective for His kingdom due to the influence and position of authority we will have, we experience God's peace.

I did ask myself these questions as to why I seek a promotion.

a) is it for the money? ( a little)

b) to escape the present workload? ( a little)

c) for the status? ( No)

d) or to be better used by God? ( yes)

The heart is ''deceitful" so asking God to check my motive and thanking Him for Psalms 138v8

" The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.."

Proverbs 16 v 2

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teachers day presents

It's not every year that my daughter has praises for her teachers. This year, she has praises for one particular one, who happens to teach her 2 subjects. She tells me that the teacher is very hardworking , dedicated and committed.

As such, daughter wants to know what I am buying for her teachers. She asks me to get an extra special present for this teacher.

Some of the gifts I am getting are novels, shawl, lipstick holder, bathroom slippers, batik sarung and chocolates. Maybe, some home baked muffins as well.

One item teachers don't like to receive is small decorative items which they don't know what to do with! A handmade card speaks volumes though.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I was not sure whether to apply for a promotion , which means
a) an increase in salary ( already running on the spot ..reached maximum already)

b) but I have to agree to be posted ANYwhere, and this sounds a bit daunting. It would be
an administrative position. So as usual, some "spies" brought bad reports, telling me
about the "giants " in the land....mayb get posted to sabah?? sarawak??

But I think God prepared my heart for this when I read Daniel 5v 19 " ...those he wanted to promote, he promoted.."

Moreover, 2 weeks ago, I read about discerning God's will... how one should not just stay in a position of inertia and ask God to show, but to choose to act and allow God to guide. Even if a mistake or wrong choice is made, God can still turn things around.

However, would appreciate prayers on this..let His will reign in this matter!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I received the sms to inform me that she has gone to be with the Lord. I was quickened to want to prepare an eulogy, thinking that I would deliver it if time permits.u
During the wake, no eulogy was given by any of the church members. ( to my surprise)

So, my spirit man took over and I jumped to my feet to deliver what I have prepared. Would you believe it if I told you I had less than 5 interactions with the deceased, 3 of which were spent on minstering to her in prayer and God's word. She was stricken with cancer 2 years ago. I didn't know her when she was well.

You might wonder what I spoke of....I spoke of her faith and trust in the Lord, how to me, her death did not spell defeat because she has passed her test of faith, and run her race well. Also, victorious living does not mean living a problem-free life but living it in the power of the presence of God.

I ended with psalms 16 v11.

Have you ever delivered an eulogy?

Friday, May 08, 2009

weighed down

The snatch theft incident gave me something to ask myself.

When I saw the thief's knife pointed towards me, I did 3 things ( was asked how i did that, could only reply...with God's help)

1) I screamed ( not that it one came to my aid)

2) I was carrying my long-strapped handbag across my shoulder. I removed it and threw it away

3) ran in the opposite direction towards my friend's house.

Question to I run this race ( Heb 12 v 1) am I carrying any "weight' which is weighing me down and distracting me from running my race well?

P/S the handbag didn't not have any cash or important documents, which leads to 2 theories.

a) some say these "thieves " would be so angry with me and would try to seek me out "again"

b) they won't waste their time with me "again"

What do you think?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Speech day

I was (again) head of the prize giving committee for my school speech day. I lost 3 of my committe members at the last minute because a) one had to undergo an operation b) one had to sit for her masters exam on that day c) one had to be out of school .

On top of that, I felt unwell on that day. There were some unexpected hitches on stage as well due to some last minute absence and presence of the prize winners.

At the post mortem yesterday, the principal said to me " Maybe you didnt "berdoa" ( pray) hard enough?"
I responded, I prayed but I take it as "dugaan Tuhan" ( God's testing)

How do you respond to unaswered prayers?

unearthly hour

On working days, I wake up between 4 to 4.30am and between 5 to 5.0m on non-working days. I have been asked what I do at such an unearthly hour? ( Ps 5 v3..)

I turn in at 10.30pm most nights.

Sounds like I lead a farmer's life, huh?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

humbling experience

She has been trying to conceive for the past 3 years. One day I ask if she would allow me to pray for her. She agreed.

Glory to God.....guess you know what happened?

My was such a humbling experience

Monday, May 04, 2009

less noise

A friend told me that her car was making a lot of noise due to a faulty exhaust.

I ask I just a "noisy" believer or am I displaying "quietly" the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

I wouldn't want to be in the category described in 2 Timothy 3 v 5 " having a form

of godliness but denying its power".

psamls 91

A snatch theft encounter left me a little shaken, ( because there were 2 of them and one with a knife pointed towards me) but unharmed.

Realizing too that we are living in the days when Psalms 91 is going to be very real.