simple me

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

paving the way

Two incidents happened to me last week. Anyway, say what you want, I have learnt that there is no coincidences in life and for 2

of the same nature to occur, I am very sure that God is telling me something.

The first incident happened at the giant supermarket. I was an early bird and wanted to use my credit at the checkout counter. The cashier

took a long time to get it processed. I told her not to worry and to take her time. Finally she got it done and said to me " the next customer who pays by

credit card need not wait so long ." Why? Probably the machine just needs a warming up ?

The second incident took place at a flea market. I chose a few books at the book stall and when I wanted to pay, I discovered that I had

to pay more compared to the other occasions when I purchase the books. The stall owner tried to explain by saying they were new books. On
closer inspection, it was not true. I told her so. Then she gave me the real reason.At that late morning hour, I was the only customer , making me

the first customer for the day for her. So I asked her, " does this mean that being the first customer, I am to be penalised by paying more?"

Mulling over the 2 incidents made me come to this reflection. In the first instance, being the first customer, am i willing to be inconvenienced

so that others who come after me will be convenienced? So am I willing to be inconvenienced in my daily routine to step out to help

someone in need? Am I willing to share my trial experience and encourage another to look unto Jesus?

In the second instance, I have to pay a higher price for the books.This reminds me of the price Jesus pays on the cross so that I can have

abundant and eternal life. Also, a reminder,at what cost ( time and money included here) am I willing to sacrifice to meet the need of another?

Galatians 6:10

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Happy new year to everyone.

Just joined facebook and hope can maintain it. Fact that daughter in on facebook

stirs me to join to keep up with her.

Hopefully, it will help me to connect with friends more . I doubt I will play the
games . I dont want it to distract me too much from how I am spending my free time

these days, reading and listening to lots of messages/sermons.


The new school term is starting tomorrow...back to the grind for me and

being a chauffeur for my daughter , ferrying her to her various after-school


One of her classes is situated inside a gated community. Gated meaning that there

is a guard who checks cars going in and out of the area. I am thinking of dropping

her and then snoozing inside my car the place is a bit far for me to drive

home and then back again to fetch her.

Have you ever snoozed inside your car while waiting for someone? Most times, I

would drive somewhere to have tea by myself while reading one of my novels.

What would you do?